Thursday, 23 May 2019

Average, Mean, Median and Mode.

Hey guys, This morning my class were learning about Average, Median, Mean and Mode. It was actually really fun because I got to learn about the Average, Sum and count. This reminds me of doing math with my old teachers because we did things similar to this. I really enjoyed doing it this year. My class should do more of Average, Mean, Median and Mode. What was challenging was that we had to do some sums and counts. This was really fun to do.


  1. HI Sina i am form Wesley primary school nice work on Average, Median, Mean and Mode.

  2. Hi Sina I am a student in room 6.My name is Richard and what I like about your work is what you have posted of what you have learnt last week or what ever.I like it how you added a diagram because it shows me what you have learn't and what you have did for today.This remaindered me of when I was doing math with Mr Vega and we did the same math it was fun because I got to learn new things.