Thursday, 4 July 2019

Scavenger Hunt!!!

Hey, On the Wednesday the 3rd of July, We went to M.O.T.A.T. The people in my group were Malennie's Mum, Malennie, Me, Genesis, Charlotte, Lofa and Nico. 

First we went to Simply Machines because we wanted to explore the things about the 6 simply Machines. We went there and there were also lot's of activities. There were pulleys, wedges, levers, wheels, axles and screws. We also had our morning tea and that was really delicious.

Next, We went to the telephone house, ( I forgot what it is called), We tried calling each other and unfortunately, It didn't work.

Then, We went to the M.O.T.A.T Village and there were old stuff in houses, We thought about how they made their soap in the olden days. We said that, "There are heaps".

After, We went on the tram and it was really fun, There were handles so that we could hold on but we weren't allowed. The year 3 & 4 were swinging on it like monkeys when they came on, but then they got told off. The Conductor was asking us questions about When, Where, Why, Who and How. They were really interesting.

Finally, We went back and came off. They said that "That ride was really cool". I also said a compliment about his hat. We ate our lunch and yah. 

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Average, Mean, Median and Mode.

Hey guys, This morning my class were learning about Average, Median, Mean and Mode. It was actually really fun because I got to learn about the Average, Sum and count. This reminds me of doing math with my old teachers because we did things similar to this. I really enjoyed doing it this year. My class should do more of Average, Mean, Median and Mode. What was challenging was that we had to do some sums and counts. This was really fun to do.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Helmet check.

Hey, Today my class were making DLO and we were learning so much about bikes because some people don't know how to ride a bike and that is our topic of the term. I made a google drawing of my DLO about Helmet Check. Here is my google drawing: