Thursday, 28 March 2019

What I want to be when I am older.

Hey, I am a young student and I going to talk about my goal, and my goal is to be a Professional Rugby player and I really want to be it because it is fun and I think some people would be more interested into it one day. I think this is very important to me because some people in my family play and I really want to play as well. I played for Rugby last year, 2018. This also reminds me that I want to play again one time.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Time to learn your Words. . . . .

Hey guy's, I am going to show you some words to try and guess which animal it is. This animal is very Humongous so that's one Clue I have given to you. Here is the Picture to show you and guess which animal it is. If you want to guess, Come and Comment to Estimate.