Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Sailing The Pacific!!!

Hi, I'm here to tell you all about this book called Sailing The Pacific from Maria Samuel. Before I predict that the book was all about canoeing, sailing and about voyager's. Then when I predict it I was right. there were people in the book and the clouds were white and there was the longest cloud. The bird's were flying up in the sky and It was sunny and the birds are flying through the cloud's. also all the countries around the world and I think they use the waka or Vaka sailing/rowing across the country. I think back in the day they used to use the star's to find their way if they get lost. Plus in the olden days they used star's but right now they use GPS,compasses and maps. Then now I'm going to tell you 3( three) question's to you about the book. 

1. What does A.D and B.C mean. 
2) Would yo read this book.  Why?

3) Would you read about this topic.


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